Father’s Day Fun

A Special Treat for A Special Dad

I have many Father figures I look up to in my life. Although my real father has been gone for many years, I have a few men I lovingly call my “Adopted Dads”.

Here’s a couple fun ideas for special treats to share with you Dad this Father’s Day…

I was surfing the internet & found this great picture above, which I immeditely went home & made a yummy one for my neighbor…… Just make a large scoop of Old Fashioned Vanilla froyo (Cakebatter, Simply Tart, Cupcake, or any of our light colored yogurts will also work). Grab a tube of red icing (to make the “ball laces”) then keep in the freezer until you are ready to serve… so easy, so cute! Sure to please any baseball lover! 

A Perfect Hole in One!

 My Hubby is a Golf fanatic, as I know many men are. I made one like this for him to celebrate his team’s victory last weekend…. Instead of a real golf ball, I took a big scoop of Vanilla Froyo (his favorite), and inserted it into the “hole” right before serving…. It got a big round of applause from “the gallery”!

FYI – Click on the cake for instructions on how to make it (again, I was surfing & found this, so when you click you will see her instructions) .To make the “golf balls”, I let the yogurt soften slighlty & used a rounded scoop to form round balls. I used a small size frosting tip & wrote “Titleist” on each ball & carefully returned them to the freezer (next ime i will probably just make the Nike “Swoosh” on the balls… this will be much easier!!)  I made up enough “golf balls” so each of the players would have their own “golf ball” with their piece of cake.

FroYo Fish

For one of my other “Adopted Dads”, I will be making a Froyo Fish. This will be another fun & easy project. I got the idea this morning while talking to a friend & she sent me a picture she found on the internet (see above) to explain what she & her kids would be making for Father’s Day…. Perfect for the “Fisherman Father”!!!

To make the fish – Line a shallow baking pan with wax paper. Scoop softened frozen yogurt into the pan, then smooth with a cake icing spatula. Return to freezer to slighlty firm yogurt. While waiting, slowly melt chocolate chips on very low heat (or if you want colored fish, use Wilton’s Candy Melts). Remove yogurt “slab” from pan. Cut out fish with a cookie cutter (or free form with a knife). Dip fish into melted chocolate (temperature should be warm, not hot). Place dipped fish on a wire rack (put a piece of wax paper under the rack to catch drips). Sprinkle a few chopped nuts, or sprinkles, if you like, then put the in the freezer until ready to serve…. A catch sure to please !!

I hope you enjoy these ideas & wishing you a Fabulous Father’s Day!!

Yippee…. Summer is Almost Here!!

Play Tourist in Your Own Backyard

Play Tourist in Your Own Backyard

We all love summer…. and how lucky are we to live where most people have to travel to be “on vacation”.

This year many locals will be enjoying a “stay-ation”…… It’s a great way to enjoy all our local attractions while staying close to home.  I’ll be playing tourist part of the summer… How about you?

Whatever you plan to do, I hope you have a great time. I’ll be staying local….. hitting the beach, Friday night’s are always fun to hit Cruzin Grand in Escondido, and of course, eating my favorite flavors of Golden Spoon!!

Which Flavor Today?

Decisions, Decisions....Which Flavor Today?

Cruzin Grand in Downtown Escondido

Cruzin Grand in Escondido

A Special Treat for Mother’s Day

Frozen Yogurt Tart for Mother's Day 2012

The other day my “bestie” & I got together to make a tasty treat, and thought this would make a perfect homemade gift to give for Mother’s Day.

Here’s how easy it was to make:

1-Buy your favorite frozen yogurt (mine is Golden Spoon, of course), & buy a premade tart crust (Keeblers are always easy to find).

2- Let the frozen yogurt sit out a few minutes to soften slightly, then spread into tart crust.

3- Put in freezer until ready to serve.

4- Remove a few minutes before serving, (to let yogurt soften slightly). While waiting, slice your favorite fruits and arrange on top.

5- Enduldge and enjoy a healthy, tasty treat!

You could step it up a notch by getting out your favorite tart crust recipe & craft your own crust (like we did)…

There’s endless combinations of yogurt flavors, crust creations, and toppings, so hope you have fun with this. Look forward to hearing your spin on this :-)

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